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Whatever Wednesday: When a Fur is Really a Fir and No One Cares

I traveled this past week down to my parents’ place for Thanksgiving.

On Friday we ventured out to the local grocery store which was safe to do because my parents live out in a very rural area.

Of course the store had Christmas trees for sale out front because what else do you put on sale the day after Thanksgiving?

A fabulous green sign proclaimed the prices of these trees on the store’s front entryway door.

Fur TreesSee?

The “Large Fur” was only $29.99. The “Small Fur” was a steal at just $19.99.

After reading the sign again, I glanced at the trees. They were not fuzzy or furry. There were no furs on sale.

Upon entering the store, I went straight to the first employee I saw which happened to be the woman in the floral section. It made total sense to talk with her about this because well, she deals with the plants, right?

“Hi. So, I had a question about the sign outside about the trees for sale. Who can I talk to about it?”

“I’ll answer what I can…”

“Great! The word “fur” is misspelled. I’m sure it’s an honest mistake but the word for trees is spelled f-i-r, not f-u-r as your sign currently states.”

“Ummm….” She then gave me a blank stare. “Right. The large trees are $29.99 and the small ones are…”

I interrupted her, giggling because clearly she misunderstood me. “No, no, no. I don’t want a tree. I want the sign fixed because it’s misleading. Is there a manager I can talk to about that?”

“Well, the girl who did it… (insert puzzled look)… we’ll be taking them down later today anyway….”

“Great. Because those trees are not f-u-rs, they are f-i-rs.”

The kicker?

The above photo was taken the FOLLOWING AFTERNOON.



Thankful for the hard

So many people today have tweeted for what they are thankful or grateful. Family. Friends. Good fortune. Memories. Good food. It’s Thanksgiving, a national day of giving thanks for the “good” in our life.

What about giving thanks for the hard? For the struggles? For the darkness? For that which forced us to open up and peer deep within ourselves, to stare down the edge of a fearful chasm and dive in headfirst despite the fear which welled up inside us? For the adversity through which we took a deep breath and admitted it was time to grow regardless of the excruciating pain awaiting our arrival?

This is me. Giving thanks for the hard.

For not knowing how to talk to my first daughter when she was 7 days old and apologizing to her for failing as a mother.

For not wanting to even see knives when she was just a month old because of the THOUGHTS which filled my head as if they were an angry swarm of bees.

For my first OB’s subsequent failure to successfully help me with my Postpartum Depression and OCD.

For being forced to “just get over it.”

For the antenatal depression into which my postpartum depression swelled as I expected our second child.

For our second daughter’s NICU struggle.

For my struggles with pumping and using formula with her, despite the very real physical need for it due to inability to nurse because of her severe cleft palate.

For my psychiatric hospitalization because I dove headfirst into “I can’t hold on anymore” chasm.

For the psychiatric nurses who told me I didn’t have to tell anyone where I had been that weekend.

For realizing all I wanted was another Mom to tell me everything was going to be okay.

For my pregnancy after my fall from grace.

For the help I finally received, even if it was a year after my hospitalization.

Because without all of that hard? I wouldn’t have survived:

My ex-husband’s battle with addiction

My third and final pregnancy

My divorce


I also wouldn’t be the person I am today – driven to help other mothers and family members. I wouldn’t know the #PPDChat community – the AMAZING, wonderful, strong, and BEAUTIFUL #PPDChat community. I can’t even begin to put into words just how much all of you mean to me. You are the most compassionate, caring, and mind-blowingly strong people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thankful doesn’t even begin to cover it when I think of the #PPDChat world.

Through the hard, we learn. Adversity is truly the world’s greatest teacher.

I am grateful for all the adversity which has crossed my path. I know there is more to come. I’m not done yet. But I’m ready.

And for that?

I am beyond thankful.

Plans Change

Alli has had an off again on again fever since last Sunday. It had been most off until yesterday at 3p when it shot up to 103. I immediately gave her ibuprofen and a cool bath and it went back down. When Chris checked on her at midnight, it was back up to 104. Again he administered ibuprofen (along with water) and checked about an hour later and it was back down.

I checked on her this morning and the fever was 102 and accompanied by the chills. I gave her some more medicine and some juice to drink as well. Then she asked me to snuggle with her in bed to keep her company, which I did. She almost fell back asleep and then noticed it was bright outside and wanted to get up. I talked with her about how because she was sick, she and I would be staying home and not going to Nana and Papa’s for Thanksgiving today. Alli was sad but understood.

We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade while Chris & Charlotte went over to Nana & Papa’s. While I was disappointed to miss out on a traditional Thanksgiving, it was rather nice not to have to worry about going anywhere on Thanksgiving. And Alli and I did enjoy the time alone here at the house. Chris and Charlotte have not yet returned but will be bringing plates for both Alli & I so we’ll at least get to eat like it’s Thanksgiving. I’m also going to be cooking a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday evening – just a small one for the four of us. Kind of a tradition left from Chris’ days as a restaurant manager when we would do Thanksgiving whenever he had a day off around the holiday because he ALWAYS had to work. I rather like having a private Turkey day dinner NOT on the holiday. Makes me feel like I’m bucking a commercial trend. :-)

So I wasn’t planning on posting today but here I am.

A big Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who visits. May today be kind to you AND to your tummies!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

I will not be online tomorrow so I am posting my Thanksgiving wishes now. This past week I have been talking with Alli about the pending holiday. I asked her what she was thankful for and her immediate response was “Splashing in Puddles!” Shoulda known. The girl LOVES rain. Wish we had gotten more of it the past year.

I have a lot to be thankful for this time of year.

My husband

a roof over my head

two precious happy and healthy little girls

a healthy baby boy on the way

overcoming PP OCD

God’s blessing upon my work with other women suffering from PPD

IĀ think that sums it all up. I am also amazed that in just 8 short months of starting this blog, I’ve had nearly 6500 visitors. When I started in no way had I ever imagined I would have that many people read my story. But yet here we are and bits and pieces of my life have been read by nearly 6500 people. This blog has played a huge role in my positive view of this pregnancy. If I had done this without blogging, there is no telling where I would be mentally. It has helped to keep me focused on the positives instead of the negatives yet has also forced me to admit when I am not doing so well and examine the reasoning behind that as well. And for that, I am also thankful.

Enjoy the day tomorrow – eat, drink, be merry. But do not forget to give thanks – even if it is for the simplest thing – like splashing in puddles.