Facing Your Giant

This was the title of our church’s sermon this morning. We hadn’t been to church in awhile due to Chris being sick, both of us being exhausted, yada yada yada… I know, excuses, I  excuses!

 This sermon focused on the battle between…yup, you guessed it…. David and Goliath. (Which if you’re curious, can be found in 1 Sam Chapt. 17, and yes, I remembered that all on my own! I’m impressed!)

As the preacher was talking, I thought of this past year and how many Giants I’ve overcome –

  • PP OCD
  • Discovering our daughter’s cleft palate & PRS diagnoses
  • Surviving her surgeries & NICU Stay
  • Starting a PPD Support Group
  • Unexpected Pregnancy
  • Husband’s Car Wreck & Ankle injury

And I am still here. Kicking, and HAPPY. Thriving in my new normal, in fact. You know who I have to thank for that? GOD. Early on, I handed everything to Him and He has shown me just how well He can care for me. He truly carried us through this past year because there is just no other explanation. Yes, I had to do a lot of climbing too, but he was there with me – my Coach, my Support, my Strength.

This past year and a half has been one of the hardest years of my life. But it’s also been a year and a half of strength and growth – I have grown and matured more this past year than ever before in my life. And it’s all because, just like David, I put my trust in God and let him handle everything. I truly learned how to hand things to God – something my mom has been trying to get me to do for ages now… but I had to learn on my own. Not only have I learned a truly worthy lesson, but I am passing the strength I found onto others because I feel that God is calling me to do just that. And I know it is because God is in my heart and at the heart of my PPD work that everything has happened the way it has – PACE continues to thrive, I continue to help women, and I have a peace within my heart that only God could create.

Things with PACE and my PPD work have just fallen into place and I attribute that as a sign from God that what I am doing is right and just. Speaking of that, PACE’s website was just reviewed and accepted by www.psychcentral.com, one of the oldest and most reliable mental health resource sites on the web, run by mental health professionals. Again, just a sign that I am finally walking the right path.

Praise God for His Strength, His Blessings, and His Love. Without it, I would not have survived this past year… and be thriving – in life, marriage, motherhood – and my PPD work. HE is to be honoured in all that I do!

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