Out of Season Craving…

Earlier today, I had a craving for some She-Crab Soup, a Charleston, SC classic soup. It’s absolutely delicious. That craving went away as soon as I discovered the canned brand I buy when I can’t get it fresh in Charleston (which is, well, rare), is owned by Castleburry’s which if you remember, had a HUGE issue with botulism in their canned foods this past year. In fact, some of their cans started to explode due to the high levels. Yeah. Not only am I not up for a severe case of the tummy yuckies, I don’t think it would be too good for Cameron. So buh bye She-Crab Soup craving.

I’ve replaced that craving though – now I want some Egg Nog. Problem is, it’s September. Nowhere NEAR Christmas. And I highly doubt I will find Egg Nog at any self-respecting grocery store at this time of year.

*lightbulb*HEY… wait a sec… I have a mix in the kitchen – and milk.

Ok, bye. 😉

P.S. 30 minutes later and craving has been satisfied. The real thing would have been better but hey, I’ll take what I can get – especially when living in an SEC town and a craving hits on a Game Day! (and the game just ended)

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