On my way to PT

This morning has been great, I got up at 7a, my PT isn’t until 830, I’ve showered, dressed, had a chocolate mousse style yogurt (YUM!) and gotten my bag for PT packed. AND – Alli wasn’t awake this morning when I walked by her room so I’ve been sitting peacefully in the living room enjoying my yogurt and already posting to the PSI Online Support Page. I LOVE quiet mornings like these – Maggie (our rescue mutt from SC) is curled up next to me and other than the loud hum of morning bugs outside and various fans throughout the house, it’s void of human noise – wait – i just heard charlotte playing in her crib. LOL. still, nice and peaceful.

Gotta run, don’t know what traffic will be like and I need to try and get there a few minutes early!

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