#PPDChat Topic 05.19.14: Once Upon A Time – Expectations vs. Reality


Remember that moment when you first found out you were pregnant? It may have been a joyous one or it may have been which freaked you out thoroughly, depending on the circumstances. Pregnancy and new motherhood are wrought with expectations either way.

Will I be able to handle this?

It’ll be a breeze, I’ll bring home baby and then x,y,z will happen.

But for many of us, our expectations slam into reality and that reality involves a perinatal mood disorder. As we struggle to merge all of this into our “new” reality, we find ourselves fighting the greatest battle of our lives not only for ourselves but for our families.

Tonight, we’ll be discussing our expectations, our realities, and how we managed to coalesce the two into our “new” normal – a process which seemingly starts anew every day.

I sincerely hope you’ll join us tonight at 830pm ET on Twitter! See you there!

(If you can’t join us, stay tuned to this post for an update which will include a transcript shortly after chat ends at 930pm ET!)

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