#PPDChat Topic 01.06.14: Word of the Year

One of my favourite movies this past year was Rush, directed by Ron Howard. The movie tells the tale of two Formula One drivers: Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Both driven men, passionate adversaries. The 1976 season was the height of their fight against each other.

Howard plays up not only their competitive spirit but also reflects the way these men managed to become good friends despite their fierce battles against each other on the racing circuit.

In 1976, Lauda was involved in a serious crash at Nurbergring. He suffered severe burns over a good deal of his body. His lungs were also damaged as a result of being trapped inside his car as the flames consumed it.

Six weeks later, however, Lauda was back on the track. He finished well in his first race back despite starting with blurry vision and unable to fully push himself the way he had prior to his accident.

Seeing Rush was one of the highlights of 2013, as I was able to see a preview in NYC prior to widespread release. As an avid F1 fan, getting to see Rush in an IMAX theatre and have the engine sound reverberating all around me as the cars zoomed by on the screen – sheer heaven.

I still follow the FB page for Rush. Today, they posted a still from the movie with a question:

“What will drive you in 2014?”

Several bloggers I know are choosing words to represent what will drive them in 2014. I’ve been brainstorming the past week about what my word should be for the upcoming year. I picked one a couple of days ago and it is sitting well with me so I think I will keep it.2014 word

My word for 2014 is:


After my divorce in 2011, I checked out of life. I stayed somewhat connected but as a reflex, I checked out. I ended up in therapy and did a lot of introspective reflection. Then I met J. I started to come out of my shell because finally, here was someone who accepted me as I stood, mess and all. No front, no bullshit, just me. Then Sandy hit and I retreated into my shell. I started the introspection thing again and stopped writing. I wasn’t ready to share my journey because heck, I wasn’t even sure where it was going.

I recently called our doctor after a particularly tough bout with darkness. I am back on medication for the time being. It is making a difference. So is my Happy Light. To be honest, so is J. It’s healthy for me to fall apart here, but it’s just as healthy for me not to – we allow each other to have emotions and do not judge for whatever they may be because well, emotion is emotion.

My goal for 2014 is to engage. To engage with others, with life, with writing, with myself. Instead of retreating back into my hole, I am going to reach out. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone according to Neale Donald Walsch. 2014 is the year I leap from my comfort zone and dive headfirst into living life.

I am challenging the ladies of the #PPDChat Community to do the same along with me – not necessarily dive out of your comfort zone but choose a word for the upcoming year. In fact, that’s what we’ll be talking about on Monday night. I’ll be discussing it in the closed FB group as well.

Get to brainstorming and I look forward to seeing all your words for 2014!!!

7 thoughts on “#PPDChat Topic 01.06.14: Word of the Year

  1. Marie

    Hugs. I’m glad you back on meds and feeling better.

    I’ve actually not been able to get off meds except for a short period here or there. Not since my first bout with PPD and PPP 14 years ago. In that time, I’ve had PPD three more times, miscarried twice, and had severe HG twice. That’ll screw one up biochemically. Then after my little died in second tri and her little brother came home, my Mom died (her care during my last pregnancy and case of HG), my x’s affairs were unraveled, and then the divorce, and early menopause. Basically, I’ve been a hotmess of hormones and grief issues the last decade. I cannot get off meds and have had a hard time accepting that I may be on meds until I die. Just when I tackle the struggles of circumstance, some hormone crap (perimenopause rolled hardcore towards menopause) happens.

    So my long response. Divorce is hard. And living with the results leaves me easily distracted, anxious, and overwhelmed. Thus, my word for the year (LOVE THIS) is: PRESENT. I will be present with my children and in my life.

      1. Marie

        Thank you. Ya, I like the word for my year. I’ve done well with it today. Yesterday was an epic mom fail. And the divorce roller coaster swerved and threw me against the wall today.

        Oh, and, sorry for the typo in my comment. 😀

  2. mammacockatoo

    I’m glad you’re getting the help you need and feeling better again. Sometimes the tough decisions just have to be made so you can move on and live again. I don’t normally do the focus word thing, but the other day the word “trust” suddenly came into my head and it stuck. It’s a tough word for me, and this year it means so much more, on so many levels, for myself and my family. So I decided that would be my first ever “word of the year”. I think I need to make it more obvious, as a design on a poster or something, so I keep reminding myself.

    I love “engage” – congrats to you for taking that step to reach out. I have to admit “trust” is also reaching out of my comfort zone.

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