Whatever Wednesday: Welcome to hell, courtesy of Facebook

Last night, I curled up in bed with a bilingual copy of Pablo Neruda. Snuggled under a wool blanket, two quilts, propped up with several comfy pillows, I read until I passed out. (Which took all of 5 minutes but I digress.) Point is, I fell asleep happy. Comfortable. Safe. A sense of order and bliss surrounding me.

This morning?

Ripped away from me in mere milliseconds after typing in http://www.facebook.com.


There’s some scrolling status update thing in the corner ABOVE the already annoying sidebar chat list.

And there’s no choice in what you see on your News Update now. It auto-updates. With what it THINKS you want to see the most.

Don’t get me started on the lists. Because really. Automatically added to lists via location or who FB thinks my closest friends are? Wow. Although this one hit me a few days ago, I’m still working my head around it.

I immediately set off to the Twitter. For help. For support. For… OW. Mah head. I may be blind. I may… there… but… wha?

Tech Crunch offered a solution. Change your language to English (UK) in your Account Settings. Didn’t work for me. It’s like I tripped overnight and fell into some massive rabbit hole which then landed me in one of Dante’s circles of Hell which then flew me via Oceanic Flight 815 over to the island with the boys from Lord of the Flies. GET ME THE EFF OUTTA HERE. PLEASE.

Ever seen Nothing to Lose with Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins? No? The clip below sums up perfectly how I feel about the changes at FB this morning.

“You’re driving on the sidewalk … people got to walk there!”

“I’m blind! I cant.SEE.SHIT!”

Thanks Zuckerburg. Thanks for the massive ass migraine. You’ll be getting a bill.

0 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday: Welcome to hell, courtesy of Facebook

  1. John

    What kills me is that 80-90% of the people who like/comment on my Facebook posts & statuses (statii?) are people that I actually don’t like, but went to school with, so what the hell, I’ll accept their friend request. But, because they’re so vocal on my profile page, they show up all over my feeds.

  2. Lance

    I could direct you to my anti facebook blog posts but what’s the point? Until I found twitter two years ago and my current blog started a year and a half ago, i viewed the internet as an abyss where sarcasm, humor, iront, and common sense died.

    My wife is a facebook person and even she’s “over” facebook’s changes and other things.

    I’m grateful finding writers like youeself you open themselves and invite others in.

    Wait, I just answered your twitter question from Today, Friday.

    mixed mediafors

  3. Margaret (mammacockatoo)

    I’m always set to English (UK), and maybe that explains why I always see people complaining of the changes before they hit me. But it’s only a temporary reprieve while it works its way through the system; it always catches up with me after a day or so.

    I’m still getting the hang of Twitter, and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with FB, but… yeah.

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