Love for @momgosomething

I know you hurt.

Physically and mentally.

I know you are tired.

Physically and mentally.

Know what else I know about you?

I know that you’re full of spunk. Full of fire.

I know that you have an amazing spirit.

You are tenacious.


Strong willed.

YOU, my dear, are a fighter.

You don’t give up.

You don’t give in. You keep going.

I know your bat is huge. I know you know how to use it.

And I KNOW that your troubles will have some real big trouble

with you.

I love you.

I am here for you.

You, my dear, are not alone.

In fact, you are far from alone.

And there are mamas across the blogosphere sending you lots and lots of love today.

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  1. Frelle

    so much love for you, Kimberly. You are a fellow fighter and a soul that loves so openly. I hate that we both have to walk this path, but I’m glad for your company on it. And Lauren’s company too. What beautiful words she has written for you. I hope they lift you up today and on days to come too. *HUG*

  2. Marcie

    II know you have no idea who I am, but I have been there and have come through. You will too. You have a lot of mamas praying for you. One thing about those of us who have walked this PPD path is that we are all sisters forever after. You are loved and certainly not alone.

  3. Ally

    Kim – you are loved by many, both online and IRL! You ARE a fighter. You ARE tenacious. You ARE full of spunk and fire. And you know what? That makes you an inspiration. That makes you a voice for those that aren’t strong enough to talk about it yet. And it gets you my admiration, my respect, my “I-would-do-anything-if-I-could-to-help-you-hurt-less”. I know that having to deal with the physical pain on top of the emotional pain is just not fair. You shouldn’t have to. No one should. {{hugs}}

    And I agree with Katie – What would Chuck Norris do?

  4. Alexandra

    There is no more frustrating feeling than the distance, being so far away and not able to jump in a car and sit and just BE with a PPD sister.

    I was all alone with my PPD. I only survived b/c the kind nurse at my 6 wk check up, befriended me–a stranger, just a patient–and she would have me over, and just listen.

    She wasn’t even my friend, but she saved my life.

    She gave me a schedule, and things to do, and kept me going and not feeling like I could die and no one would know.

    That was 16 yrs ago, and the wound iof PPD is still fresh.

    We love you, girl…you are never alone.

    NEVER. Even when you don’t have the energy to reach out…DO IT.

    Even when depression freezes your legs and arms and body…STILL DO IT.

    Take over, and JUST DO.

    It’s the only way to survive, so you can tell others: it’s not easy, but all together in this PPD club? We can do it.


  5. MamaRobinJ

    We’re with you, Kim – all the way. If we could take away the pain, we would. If we could take away the depression, we would. If we could fix it all, we would. You are loved and you will get through this.

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