Brand New Day part II

So far, so good.

Charlotte and Alli both went to bed very easily last night and didn’t wake up a lot – if they did, they didn’t wake us up. And they woke up in a great mood this morning. We ate breakfast around 8a, then they played in the living room until about noon. Lunch went well, Charlotte went down to nap quite nicely (didn’t even cry) and now Alli & I are watching Home on the Range. (Ok, so she’s watching it and I’m blogging) In a short bit we’ll be cooking some break n bake Snickerdoodles that Chris picked up for me. (They’re my favourite holiday cookie and I’m well – not up for baking right now!)

Apparently whatever was going on with me yesterday as far as pain and potential contractions was productive somewhat – I lost my mucous plug last night around 1030. Had some additional pain between 930p – 1030p but again, nothing regular. I went ahead and packed my bag last night, put the rest of the clothes I need in the wash, (am drying them now), and am also washing the cloth pads my mom was awesome enough to make me. I’m allergic to all store bought pads and decided to go cloth this time around hoping it would speed up the healing process being that I wouldn’t have to deal with an allergic rash on top of everything else!

I’m hoping that labor holds off until at least nine pm or later tonight as I have my last PACE meeting of the year and would really like to make it to that meeting. It’s kind of bringing up some mixed emotions – I’m in awe that I’ve been doing this for a year already and yet at the same time I certainly didn’t expect to be in the position I am – about to give birth again. None of the emotions are negative though, which is rather nice.

As for my OB visit yesterday, I was asked if I was still taking my med and I said yes – which made them happy. I also signed consent forms for tubal ligation in the off chance I end up in a c-section situation. I am so done emotionally and physically having kids that I figured I might as well go ahead and consent if the opportunity arises.

Gonna run, someone here wants to cuddle! :-)

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