Sweet relief…

I had my first PT pool appointment this morning and it was absolute heaven. The water is heated, nice and warm. I could have stayed in that pool ALL day! (I even tried to talk my PT into letting me, no luck though!)

I did several exercises and got to just hang out in the deep end for a bit. The weightlessness was wonderful. I kept floating up and then back down. had to hang on to the bar on the side so I wouldn’t float away but just having the time in the pool to be “weightless” was wonderfully soothing. I’m starting to get a bit sore now and will probably crash in one of the recliners with the heating pad here pretty shortly.

After PT, getting changed was extremely difficult to do. The readjustment to land proved difficult and I am still having some issues with balance but I think that will go away shortly. Naptime will be a definite today. I have some emails to respond to but I think once I get those done, i will be crashing with that heating pad – and possibly the icy tube from the freezer for my shoulders.

Quick note though – I was out of alignment ALL day yesterday. I didn’t “pop” back in until early this morning while sleeping. Went to change positions and POP. Sweet relief then and boy am I glad it happened BEFORE PT otherwise I would have really had a hard time this morning. My left side seems to be more affected than my right side – it hurts more when I was exercising this morning. Hopefully PT will work quickly just as it did during my pregnancy with Charlotte. Then again… I did LOVE that pool! 😉

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