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Proud to be Anti-Depressant Free!

It’s taken a little over two years (April would have marked 3 years) but I am successfully Anti-depressant free and have been for the past month and a half. I still take some natural supplements to help with my mood (Omega 3.6.9 & B12) but I am so happy to be off medication. It certainly served it’s purpose while I was on it but with my last step down to barely nothing and family life picking up, more often than not I would forget to take my medication and realized after having done this for a month that I hadn’t been taking my anti-depressant and had been managing things quite well – even a crisis that flew my direction. Pleasantly surprised at this turn of events, I made the decision to stay off my medication. I have been laughing, giggling, and really enjoying life with a passion I haven’t known in a long long time. I think the thrill of knowing I’m in charge of my own mind (and doing well) again has something to do with it. The scaffolding worked and I am LOVING the renovation!