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Whatever Wednesday: Kate Spade & I

Yesterday afternoon I escaped the zoo ran some errands.

(Oh, and consider yourself warned. If you’re drinking liquids right now, swallow. Do NOT drink any more fluid until you finish reading. Your keyboard/laptop will thank me.)

First up, I picked up a used Semi-Truck Matchbox Car Holder for our son via Freecycle. I just know he’ll love it! (Don’t know what Freecycle is all about? Find out more here!)

Next, I jetted off to my favorite new department store: Goodwill. We are in need of an extra dining room chair as the boy has figured out he can body slam backwards to get his high chair to lean back. We are days away from breakage.

Goodwill did not have any dining room chairs. So I bought sheets for the girls.

And then.

Oh my and then.

And then I roamed. Looked through shorts for hubby but they were fresh out of his size. Looked at shirts for me. Wandered to the back of the store and perused the knick knacks. (Bad, Lauren, BAD!)

Hanging on the back wall amidst the luggage were some purses. I already have two purses I switch between plus my bible carrier for Sunday. I did not need a new purse. I am not easily impressed by name brands either. But when I laid eyes on this particular bag, it sang to me. Whispered to me, actually, told me it wanted to come home with me. So I picked up the black soft leather tote, turned it over and….

Holy Frijoles people!


At Goodwill.

For less than $3.

Needle in a haystack!

Oh yeah.

I bought it. I SO bought it.

Because dammit. I’ve earned it.

And I never, ever, ever pass up a damned good deal.

Grandma taught me well.

Thanks, Grandma. This one’s for you!