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Brand New Day

Tomorrow will be a brand new day.

It has to be.

It can’t be today.

It won’t be today. I won’t let it.

I can barely think straight, let alone well, yeah, think straight. See???

See what having kids does to your brain? Where was THAT commercial when we were growing up?

The commercial with the a calm, happy woman sitting in a room curled up on a perfect club chair, covered in a soft blanket, HOT tea sitting next to her, meditative music in the background….. The voice would have said : This is your life.

Then they would flash to toddlers destroying the room, climbing all over a frazzled woman in a t-shirt and yoga pants, yelling, screaming, crying, breaking things, banging on pots and pans? Then the voice would come on and say “This is your life with kids!”



Oh I feel so much better now just having typed that out.

Today did end up getting better – Alli passed out on the love seat shortly after I posted – I laid down and managed to fall asleep and putting them to bed tonight went a LOT better than last night did by which I am greatly impressed. Yet still I sit here, watching Hot Shots Part Deux (for the moment) and unable to think straight. I know I will wind down eventually and sleep will help but I am just so frazzled. Gonna go now and continue to wind down. (And by the way, no longer wishing for labor… whatever that was earlier went away and hasn’t come back)

And we have a date!

I am tentatively scheduled for induction on Dec 17th at 7pm. Provided the scan and amnio that morning show the same rate of growth and mature lung development, I’ll be going in for a Cervidil induction that evening. OB and I discussed risks of induction as well as method – and thankfully he likes to go slow with the pit if it’s needed so I’m good with that. To be completely honest, I know that natural spontaneous labor is best but with my pelvic issues, the potential large size of baby, and me just well, having those typical 3rd trimester feelings, I am OH SO READY to be done with pregnancy forever, part of the reason I am not fighting this induction as much as I have fought inductions in the past.

I have another OB appt next monday, a talk therapy appt this friday, and my last PACE meeting of the year a week from tomorrow. Everything is neatly falling into place and I honestly have to wonder if God’s hand isn’t in this somehow. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that one and just have to Thank Him for this situation!

34 week OB visit & Growth Check U/S

Well well well.

Today was interesting. I feel like the FF button has been pushed and I couldn’t be more thrilled! (ok, and nervous but more excited than anything)

Had an u/s check for growth today. Cameron is measuring at 37wks even though I’m only 34 wks. Estimated weight is 6lbs 12oz today. SO…. we discussed induction in a few weeks. I’ve got another appt on Monday for him to check my cervix and schedule the induction for the 18th. I also have a follow up scan + amnio scheduled for the 17th to double check the growth as well as lung maturity. I’ll be 37wks by then so I agreed to the amnio. Normally I’m very much against them but at 37wks, at least if I have to be rushed into delivery, I’ll be at what is typically considered full term so I’m not risking miscarriage. I definitely plan on doing research today into amnio – I haven’t looked completely into it prior to this because it’s never been an issue until now. (editing to add a link about the amniocentesis from the Mayo Clinic: I feel a lot better about the procedure now, especially with it being at 37 weeks.

And while I am not all that thrilled about induction because I KNOW pitocin will probably have to be involved, I’d rather have an induction than a c-sec. PLUS the u/s showed the Cameron IS indeed head down, although his feet are to the left of my belly button. I bet he’s got some sort of a crick in his neck! LOL

The other positive is that my last PACE meeting of the year is Dec 11th so this will all happen after the last meeting and well before the first meeting of the year – giving me time to recover and get somewhat of a grasp on the new family dynamic prior to resuming my PACE duties. (God’s hand, you think?)

Got a lot of emailing and research to do now – and definitely need to get that postpartum action plan finished well, tomorrow!

Oh, and as a note to the pelvic pain, got a back massage from Chris last night and wouldn’t you know it – I popped back into alignment last night! WOOHOOO!

8 month OB appt today

Just the usual weight check, bp, urine, and fundal height, and baby heartbeat stuff today. Everything was just fine and we chatted a bit about when I go into labor. Let me just say – I LOVE MY OB.

Because I’ve already given birth twice and had an unusually long labor last time, he is fine with me doing most of my laboring at home with a few exceptions – obviously if my water breaks or labor goes faster than in the past this time around. he doesn’t want me to show up dilated to 10 and ready to push. (And frankly, I’d prefer not to have that happen either!) I told him we’d have to talk my husband into letting me do most of my laboring at home – he is afraid labor will progress faster and he is NOT delivering the baby at home or in the car. LOL. Again, not my idea of what I’d like to have happen either. But on the flip side, I don’t want to spend 30 something hours in the hospital in labor again either.