Postpartum Voice of the Week: Pamela via 2 much Testosterone

For those of you who are still fragile, watch this Sheryl Crow Video. Don’t go read these posts. Seriously. They’re good but not worth risking your mental health over.



Usually for the Postpartum Voice of the Week I write an intro, point out the strong points, admire the authors writing.

I’m not doing that today. Not because there’s a lack of either one of those things but because I would end up sharing the entire post.

What has happened to Pamela (@lotsospermies) this past week is beyond inexcusable. It speaks to the level of disregard for those who live among us and struggle with mental illness, especially mental illness related to the postpartum period.

We are human. We deserve dignity and respect. We are not stupid. We are not morons. We are you. We are hurt. We are fighting to be well. Respect that. Listen. HELP US. Do not lock us away. Don’t tell us to be silent. We refuse to suffer indignities in the dark any longer. We are here. We are not afraid to speak up. We are not afraid.

Pamela courageously and in a raw honest voice shares her experience with her readers.

I’m sharing it here.

Go. Read. Share some words of hope with her.

Based on a True Story (Part I)

Based on a True Story (Part II)

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