A Veritable Fountain of Joy

“But MooooOOOOOOmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!”

“STop. Don’t! But.. EWWWWWW. Don’t touch me! Gimme that.. I was playing with it first! Give it BAAaaaack!”

“I’m huuunnngry!”

“What’s for snack? What’s for snack? What’s for snack? What’s for snack?”

“I have to go POTTY! NOW!”

“I just wanted to say I love you.”

“Laa alalaaa laaaa laaa LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

“Me like car!”

“Cheebuhger? Want eat Cheebuhger”

“Watch Nevo.”


Stomping feet.

Screaming children.

Temper Tantrums.



Melting hearts.

Hugs. (Squeezies)

Kisses. (Nose Smooshies & Mwah!)


Willingness to help with a kind spirit.

Smart as whips.

My Children. Bring me Joy. In the weirdest ways possible. And sometimes? With a surprising bang right when I need it the most.

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