Meet Stacey – A Brand New Blogging Voice

I came across this blog just the other day and wanted to send some of you her way.

Stacey is a new mom still recovering from Postpartum Depression. Just as many of us who blog about our own recovery, Stacey wants to add her own perspective. She has a very unique perspective indeed – Stacey is an atheist – which she feels has led to challenges with her treatment, including rejection by counselors. Each of us has our own journey to tread through life. While on my own journey, I have constantly sought to respect and support whatever that may mean for other mothers without placing judgement. I sincerely hope that you, my readers, have chosen to do the same and will view Stacey’s story with that in mind.

Stacey hopes to provide support to other mothers because, in her own words, “I would like this blog to be a vehicle to get information out there. I know there are so many different resources but a lot of them lack a personal perspective, and sometimes knowing you’re not broken, that there is someone who feels or has felt the same way you feel is validating and makes you feel better.”

You can keep up with Stacey’s blog by clicking here.

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