My Pampered Pregger & Beyond Chat Transcript

The transcript for my chat last Tuesday is now available. Below you will find the introduction and start of the chat. To read the entire transcript, click here. A big thanks to Tiffani for having me and I look forward to continued participation in her site!

The baby’s here, and I’m not doing cartwheels. Instead, I feel worthless, sad, weepy, and irritable and there’s no sign of these feelings going away! Learn how to recognize symptoms of Postpartum Mood Disorders and what to do when it’s more than the blues!

Lauren Hale, founder of PACE & PSI Coordinator for Georgia, will discuss how to prepare yourself, your family, and how to talk with your doctor if things aren’t getting better if your symptoms have gone on for more than a couple of weeks.

Lauren is the owner of Unexpected Blessing, the Founder of PACE, runs a Message Board at iVillage and is sinking her teeth into her newest endeavor, a Project for Dads.

Welcome Lauren!

Lauren Hale: Hi Tiffani! I am so happy to be here today!

Tiffani Lawton: We are so happy to have you here!

Lauren Hale: Thanks. Learning about Postpartum Mood Disorders is so important yet it is one thing that is often forgotten in preparation for childbirth and if it is remembered, it is glossed over quickly, leaving new families floundering in confusion if anything more serious than the blues hits. For instance, let’s say that a childbirth class is being held and there are 20 women in the class. 16 of the women in the class will experience normal emotional fluctuations, termed the “blues”. The blues typically consist of mom crying for no reason or becoming stressed. However, the blues usually fade within two weeks or so and generally don’t interfere with day-to-day living. When an overwhelming sadness, irritability, or new symptoms such as inability to sleep or rest, not taking care of oneself, or if potentially frightening thoughts about hurting oneself or baby start to enter the picture, it is definitely time to seek help.

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