Be Good to yourself!

This is one of the things I like to do for myeslf every so often. Not only is it absolutely effortless, it makes me feel elegant and pampered. There’s Coca-Cola Zero in the glass and the salad has chicken tenders and a delicious Tuscan Mediterranean Basil Vinagrette. I ate every bite!

So ladies, it doesn’t take much to soothe your soul. Dressing up every day life with things you already have in the house is absolutely free, effortless, and leaves you feeling refreshed!

What do YOU do for yourself?

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  1. mcgearstella

    Sometimes it’s just a shower where I shave my legs and use a great body wash.

    Other times it’s going to the supermarket alone.

    Sometimes, not often, it’s a pedicure.

    Sometimes it’s an evening out with friends.

    And sometimes, it’s just getting myself some Starbucks.

    It has to be something that I want to do and makes me feel good and if it makes me laugh, even better!!

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