Sharing the Journey with YOU!

I thought it would be fascinating to give the readers of this blog an opportunity to share their stories and advice with each other and anyone else who may pass on by. Below are just a few questions. I’d love it if you would answer them!

1) What is your personal experience with PPD? Are you a survivor, partner, parent, medical professional?

2) Has your experience with PPD changed your life? If so, how?

3) What are some of your favorite PPD resources?

4) What role, if any, did your faith play in recovery or in your treatment views of PPD?

5) And last but not least – If you could pass on one piece of advice to an expecting mother, what would it be and why?

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Sassy, outspoken, laughing, football loving, F1 & MotoGP fanatic, coffee and beer snob, bacon addicted Mama blogging about Postpartum Mood Disorders as she tries to figure out her new place in this world. C'mon along for the ride, won't ya?

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  1. jefesita

    My name is Heather I am a survivor of PPD/ PPA and dp/dr

    PPD has made me focus on what is really important in life, and enjoy life more. Not to take things so seriously

    my favorite recourse is

    My Faith played a huge role in my recovery. Had I not had the knowledge that I do through church I most likley would have ended my life

    my advice, be aware. Be aware of what can happen, put a plan in place, then RELAX, dont expect it to happen, dont wait for it, even if you had it once, it does not mean that it will happen again. I had it with my first, when I was pregnant again, we put a plan in place then remained positive, and didnt focus on “what if’s” I have not yet gotten it again, and dont think I will

  2. ksluiter

    1. I am a PPD/A survivor. I waited nine long months before realizing what was going on with me was NOT going to go away. That my mind wasn’t right. That I needed help.

    2. PPD has for SURE changed my life. I have learned to ask for help. I have learned that I can’t do it all. And I have learned to enjoy the little things.

    3. this blog and #ppdchat have been HUGELY helpful. I also love Postpartum Progress (Katherine Stone).

    4. At first, I think my faith hurt me. I was told, and I think I believed, that I just had to pray harder to get better. But then, after getting help, I realized that God puts people in your life right when you need them…to give you help. He gave me help through those who are trained to do so. And I have so much faith that my life is meant for good, that I can’t help but believe in the positive now.

    5. my advice is to be informed. I wasn’t. I thought that I could just be perfect. I thought that my trying hard enough I could avoid PPD. NOT TRUE. I wish I had known more–then it could have been caught earlier. But because I didn’t, I now can speak on PPD and advocate for it. So also it’s important to find women who have gone through everything. Find PPD mommas, find breast-feeding mommas, find bottle-feeding mommas, etc. You can’t predict what will happen. You can only plan just so much. So it’s good to have an army of moms around who can support you no matter what.

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