Toddlers are sneaky little things

It’s barely quarter after ten and here’s the low down on what the girls have been up to in the past oh, two hours:

  1. crawled UNDER their gate into the kitchen to get bagels
  2. ATE the bagels
  3. put back to bed while I went to tell Daddy about their behaviour
  4. SNUCK BACK OUT while I was gone and got some water
  5. ordered back to bed with instructions to stay put
  6. pulled alli’s mattress off while I was in the kitchen (which has a clear view of their room)
  7. Alli got ahold of my make up when she went potty and drew all over her face
  8. Alli also lied to me about going potty then asked to go again, I told her we would go together – she got upset and wouldn’t go – so I told her we would go when she decided she was ready. Mistake – she peed right in front of me on the couch.     
  9. Oh, and did I mention Charlotte climbed out of the pack and play while I checked on Alli in the bathroom?     

 Am I suprised at any of this? Sadly, no.

Am I upset? Absolutely.

Have I decided what to do about it? Absolutely not. (anyone with any suggestions is MORE than welcome to post! PLEASE!)

And believe me, I have already been praying quite a bit this morning. I have a feeling I’ll be praying for most of the day.


Sneaky little things, aren’t they.

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