Once Upon A Time…

there were two little girls, Allison & Charlotte. They lived in a cottage in the woods with their parents and two precious puppies.

One day, Alli & Charlotte were walking through the woods when they found a magical egg. Charlotte shrugged her shoulders and said “eh?” then touched the egg. POOF! Alli & Charlotte were magically transported to the land of Politeness where everyone said Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am, Please, and Thank You.

In the middle of Politeness was a giant purple gum drop. No one dared touch it because they didn’t  know what would happen if they did. Charlotte again shrugged her shoulders and said “eh?” and suddenly they were back at home, snug in their beds, dreaming about the purple gum drop.

(I made up this story and told it to the girls right before nap time. Totally spur of the moment. Not bad, huh? To top it off, Alli told the story to Daddy tonight at dinner. AWWWWWW)

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