I hereby dub thee Day of the Hundred Tantrums

Today has already proven to be full of challenges. I am anxiously awaiting quiet time when I can get light some incense and fix myself a cup of hot tea!

Charlotte is down for a nap – she was up late last night as we went over to the in-law’s for Halloween. I tried to let her play but she kept throwing tantrum after tantrum. This momma doesn’t DO fussy so off to bed she went, where she is now quietly resting.

Our older daughter, Alli, also was full of tantrums this morning. So much so that she just spent about 30 minutes in her room. She is now in the floor playing independently with the arts and crafts stuff.

And the kicker is that I am out of meds. My husband and I are taking the same medication and due to a screw up at his doctor’s office, we’ve been sharing. However, I just got off the phone with our pharmacy and my meds were refilled yesterday so I’ll be able to take it this evening. On the up side, my Omega 3-6-9 showed up yesterday so I’m on that already as well. *deep breath*

I’ve got a teleconference call later too – at 1p so the girls will be eating lunch around 1130a to guarantee that I am able to get everything I need to get done by the time the call starts.

As long as I can remember to breathe deeply today, I should be ok.

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