Thank You!

I want to thank all of you who have been following my journey and have either shared it with others or found it helpful in your own lives. I had planned this post for 2500 but this morning I found I have surpassed 2500 hits by nearly 200. (see what I get for taking the weekend off?!?!)

Seriously – I appreciate your readership and knowing that others are gaining insight into PPD and pregnancy after PPD means the world to me. When I started, the blog was more for me to vent and express how I was feeling – and also to share with others – but I certainly wasn’t expecting a lot of readers and am quite surprised that in just six short months I have had 2500 people read bits and pieces of my blog. That’s 2500 more people with whom I have shared my story.

I encourage other survivors to speak up, survivors who are already speaking up to continue doing so – there is strength to be found in your stories and what were your dark places. By sharing these things with other women we can not only pass the wisdom we have learned the hard way onto others but we can also pull them up out of their dark places just as we were pulled up and out by others. Postpartum Depression does not have to be suffered alone – and I am truly blessed to be able to help other women find their light at the end of their tunnel. It is an ability I do not take lightly at all and for which I am grateful.

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