Getting a new cell phone! :-)

Palm Centro I just have to brag – I’m getting a new cell phone! (see picture)    I wanted to get a new Treo but even with my available upgrade credit, it would add an additional $350 to our cell bill. So not worth it and I really don’t want to wait until Christmas to make the switch. I needed a PDA phone last week. The phone I have now is ok but I really need to make the jump to a PDA keeping in consideration how busy I’m getting and how much I need to keep track of and be able to access in a flash.

So the phone I’m getting is the new Palm Centro, once we can figure out how to actually order it from our cell carrier’s website. I tried several times night but was unable to get the transaction to go through. Even my husband, the computer genius, was unable to get it to go through. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it to work soon or I suppose we’ll just have to call them. And we all know we’d just rather not deal with customer service unless we have to!

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