Great day yesterday – until after quiet time…

and that’s when it got worse. I went to check on Alli – well, to get her up from quiet time – and she had played with her poopy again. *sighs* This time it was smeared into the carpet. We had a talk, I cleaned her up, cleaned up the poopy, and she was quarantined in her room for the rest of the afternoon.

I fixed charlotte’s dinner, got her up, fed her, and we played. Charlotte is quite a little character and we had a blast! About 45 min after I got Charlotte up, I started to smell something funny but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Something told me to go check on Alli. She had gotten ahold of the fondue pot that I had forgotten about (her room is right off the kitchen) and proceeded to spill the oil in her room. (Yes, it was cool) but um, what a MESS. I put Charlotte to bed and proceeded to give Alli a bath. I ended up scrubbing her carpet with dish detergent and hot hot water. The spot is still there today but we’ll be borrowing the IL’s carpet cleaner this weekend so hopefully it will get it out completely. *sighs* What a nightmare.

I can’t wait until therapy tomorrow….and every time we let it go for two weeks, things don’t go well for me. UGH!

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