2nd Trimester Burst

So THIS is how the 2nd trimester is supposed to feel. Wow.

I’ve never had a 2nd trimester burst before…. I’ve gone straight from 1st trimester nausea into 3rd trimester I’m too daggum big to do anything with my previous 2 pregnancies. This is kinda nice.

I’ve managed to clean the front porch, straighten up the dining room, keep the living room clean, and as my previous post mentioned, get caught up with the dishes, and still enjoy life. I haven’t had the energy to tackle the bedroom yet but I know that’s coming.

Right now I need to focus on my presentation for a local mom’s group next Friday. My plan is to create a two-sided handout. One side will specify signs and symptoms of different PPD conditions (Once I get this typed up, look for it here and at my PACE site as well) and the other side will specify what friends and family can do to help a woman and family in need. I plan on just doing a round table discussion with the group that will cover the handout as well as my experiences with PPD – treated and untreated. I also plan to cover what you can do to help prevent relapse.

One of the biggest things that I advocate is staying on medicine during pregnancy – if you’re already on it. That decision is up to you and your doctor but if it is possible – your risk of relapse lessens GREATLY. In Women’s Mental Health (Kornstein, Clayton), there is a wonderfully written section on the risks of staying medicated vs. the risks of not staying medicated. I read it completely prior to my first OB visit and was ready to stand my ground if need be. Yes, I’m doing MUCH better than I was a year ago but as I have educated myself, I am aware of the risk of relapse – and plan to do everything possible to prevent another episode. I am aware that I may still crash and burn – but this time around I already have a therapist I trust, my husband who is awesome, and a great OB who knows the risks. I also have a lot of people in the PPD Support world that i can contact as well. PLUS I’ll have my group. I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. I weathered it last time and came out stronger than ever so I KNOW I can do it!

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