Toddlers are so funny..

Our three year old, Alli, seems to have a grip on this whole baby thing. In fact, Thursday night while driving Charlotte and Alli over to Nana & Papa’s, Alli asked if we were going so I could show Nana and Papa where the baby was living. I replied that they already knew where the baby was living and I didn’t need to show them.

She’s constantly giving my belly hugs and kisses now and asking about the baby. Alli told me yesterday that it’s going to be a little girl because it has to be just like Charlotte. I hope she’s ok with the possibility of a little brother too because there’s a definite 50% chance either way…. ok, well, maybe not 50% because I can’t remember the genetic determining factors for gender at the moment and being that we already have two girls, I don’t know if that would make a difference or not. And frankly, I could care less what the gender is this time around. I almost want it to be a surprise but then again – what if it is a boy? Certainly he can’t wear the girl’s hand me downs! LOL! I think he’d be scarred for life and while parents inevitably end up doing that to their kids about one thing or another, my husband and I strive to do the least amount of damage in that department as possible.

┬áIt hit me today that this will be the first Mother’s Day on which I will be pregnant. And the last. Kinda bittersweet all at the same time. I’m really starting to adjust to the idea of another child. While watching Charlotte and Alli play in the living room today, I realized that there was indeed something missing. It hit me that the “missing” was another child. I can’t wait to share that feeling with Chris because I know he will be excited to hear that I am getting excited about the pregnancy. Oh, and another first today too – my uterus is expanding – how do i know? I can feel it stretching. And lemme tell you – that is ONE WEIRD SENSATION. Almost as weird as the first time you feel an infant move inside you. Thank goodness I’ve never seen any of the Aliens flicks or my mind would really be going some weird places with that one.

I’m glad that I’m finally starting to feel at home with this pregnancy. And surprised that it hasn’t taken long. Surprised in a good way though. I feel very supported and loved and comforted by the network that I am surrounding myself with in preparation for this pregnancy. The only thing I am bummed about with this pregnancy at this point is that we had planned to go home to VA for Christmas. But with this baby due in January and Charlotte having popped out 3.5 weeks before her due date, I highly doubt that my OB will be terribly crazy about me traveling the two months before my due date. And that SUCKS. I haven’t been home for Christmas in a few years and if we don’t go this year, we probably won’t go until at least 2010 so we can be on the same schedule as my brother and his wife who live in Tennessee. I miss home sometimes. It’s nice being around his family but sometimes ya just miss your family! Guess we’ll see what I can talk my OB into…. but I am ready to accept the ban on traveling during the holiday season. In fact, I’m expecting it. (HAHHAHA….. no pun intended either!)

Gotta run. My tummy is growling and it’s time for Charlotte’s mid-day bottle as well.

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