Mixed Reactions from the Family

So far, Praise God, no one has outright disowned us.

My entire family knows, apparently my father didn’t have much of a reaction, my mother wants me to lose weight (and I agree, I am overweight), and one of my younger brothers is relieved because we’re “doing all the work” and have taken the pressure off them for yet another year at the least! LOL.

I told Chris’ mother this morning. She was hesitantly excited – nervous because of what another pregnancy means for us emotionally and financially, and excited because she’s going to be Nana to another baby!

Tonight I’ll be telling my father in law. I am not really looking forward to it but my gut tells me he’ll take it better coming from me than from Chris. I’ll update later as to how he handles the news.

¬†We’ll also be telling Chris’ brother & sister in law. I will be asking my sister in law if she’d be willing to let me borrow her maternity clothes because I have um, well, I was done! Who needs maternity clothes lying about?!?? Not me! (Hindsight SUCKS) At least we hadn’t had our big yard sale and sold all the infant stuff yet, right? And to think – that was going to be in just a few weeks!

Gotta run now, time for Alli’s quiet time – and my sanity saver nap!

150pm: Quick Update: Chris went by his dad’s office on his lunch break and broke the news. According to Chris, Dad was shocked but seemingly excited. Mom knows that Dad knows so now all we have to do is tell brother & sister in law. Phew. So glad all of that is over and done with! Now we can get on with the pregnancy and what’s to come!

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