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JWLJust breathe! This DOES get better.

No matter what you think, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

And also…it’s OK if you don’t have all those gushy mushy lovey feelings coming out of every pore on your body for your child.

It’s not a prerequisite. You’ve just met!

(Jessica LaBonte)

LNRed, tired eyes? Tear-streaked face? Spit-up- or drool-covered shoulder?  Leaky boobs or formula stains on your sleeve? Hair that is frizzy – or greasy – beyond belief – and has only been in a bun for weeks? An anxious brain that won’t shut off – or a foggy one that won’t turn on?

And – ahem – who even knows what’s going on down there?!

You’re a new mom. You’re in the thick of it. You’re likely terrified, and sad, and happy, and angry, and tired, and ecstatic, and all of the feelings all at the same time.

But I promise you’ll get better. I promise life will get better. I promise you’ll be able to shower, and sleep more, and claim some of your time back for yourself soon.

You’re an incredible mother – and if you feel like you’re not, and that scares you or makes you worried or upset or sad?

That shows even more that you are.

I promise.

(Lesley Neadel)


We may never have met in person but my love and compassion surrounds you every day. I pass the torch of warrior like strength, the torch that was handed to me- made up of several voices, words of wisdom and compassion, and virtual hugs.

You are doing more than great. You are loving your family while fighting the hardest fight of your life. I admire you, respect you, and support you with all my heart.

It will get better, it will pass. Keep going.

(Laurie DeWoody Hart)

Love Bombs for Moms

Love BombsIt’s Valentine’s Day, y’all. That one day a year when we are mandated to tell everyone around us just how much we love them even if we already tell them every other day of the year. We got you something – love bombs!

In the spirit of this fine holiday, I have gathered a few thoughts from moms who have fought the good fight against Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders. They’ll be shared throughout the day, wrapping up in a final post featuring a gallery of all the quotes included in the posts. Oh, and these posts? Will be short and sweet so those of you who are wrestling with kiddos can quickly scan them. We know the mom life gets crazy.

So kick back, stay tuned, and enjoy the love bombs coming your way. You’re worth every single one of them, mamas.

#PPDChat 02.08.16: Heart for Moms

Have a Heart for Moms: Submit a quote, a pic, artwork, words, whatever moves you as we strive to share love with struggling mamas.This week’s #PPDChat topic, Have a Heart for Moms, is meant to flow throughout the week. We will have chat tonight, but it’s more of an inspirational chat meant to share motivation and uplifting mementos, quotes, or photos with new moms who may be struggling.

The goal this week? To lift up struggling mamas with our heart, wisdom, and wit. To show them the light at the end of the tunnel they can’t quite see yet. To share with them that recovery is possible – that they are absolutely worth every step and every penny they need to take and spend on themselves to heal. That their HEART matters to all of us.

Love matters to everyone. If you have some heart, wisdom, or wit you want to drop on the partners and loved ones of new mamas, we welcome that too. We want it ALL. We recognize that a Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder doesn’t just affect Mom. It affects the entire family. They ALL need love.

So, join us this evening as we lift up new mamas and then follow us throughout the week for even more inspiration. We’ll then share a large collection of all these love snippets on Valentine’s Day here on My Postpartum Voice.

See you tonight!

Oh! And if you can’t make chat, submit your wisdom, wit, and love below. If you’d like to email it (or have issues with the form below), send it to mypostpartumvoice(@) with Hearts for Moms as the subject line no later than midnight ET February 12!

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