Speaking up across the blogosphere

Here’s a quick list of some moms who are speaking up across the blogosphere about their experience with Postpartum Depression:

Paige @ Walker World “It Snuck up on Me”

Melissa @ YogaMamaMe “Turn Turn Turn …or not: What I learned at 6 months”

Erin @ Go Erin Go “Bad day”

Shuggilippo “Lately I really suck at being nice.” (focus on delayed PPD)

0 thoughts on “Speaking up across the blogosphere

  1. Jen Slipakoff

    Found your blog through your recent comment on my “Southern Sayings” post over at Deep South Moms. So glad you liked it!

    Am also so glad to see you sharing your experience with PPD. I struggled with it after my oldest son was born (and touched on it not too long ago on my personal blog: http://www.talesofasouthernyankee.blogspot.com/search/label/post%20partum%20depression ). The blogosphere was not what it is now back when I was battling it five years ago and I think the isolation is just terrifying. Good for you for sharing your story and encouraging others to do the same. Look forward to hearing (and sharing) more.

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