About the Blog

In May 2007, this blog started as Unexpected Blessing in an effort to re-frame pregnancy after two episodes of Postpartum OCD, Depression, Postpartum PTSD, and depression during pregnancy.

Shortly after giving birth, I changed the name to Sharing the Journey. The new name was based on an interview series I started just three months after giving birth.

In May 2010, I registered for my own domain and again changed the name of the blog for good. Today, this blog exists as My Postpartum Voice. The tagline “Speaking Up, Reaching Out, Inspiring Hope,” speaks to the desire to advocate, inform, and inspire hope in women, who like me, once found themselves adrift in a dark and hopeless sea.

Often it is the lived experience which leads to action, not the informed experience. I have taken my lived experience and transformed it into a light for others. This light currently stands lit here at My Postpartum Voice and at Twitter through #PPDChat and my account, @unxpctdblessing.

I look forward to continuing to advocate and work with families through many outlets. I hope to enlighten and inspire professionals to continue to continually learn through their patients and the lived experiences they bring with them to every session.

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