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Speaking up across the blogosphere 10.30.09

I know, I know, I’m a day late. I have had a sick kid and now I’ve got a sick husband. Last night I crashed well before 11p which is a record for me as most nights I don’t go to bed until midnight or so. Life. It happens.

I’ve got a really great stories for you to read today. Enjoy, show some support, and thanks for sharing the journey!

Brittani at Holding Little Hands shares the contrast between her first and second postpartum experience. (Having a great postpartum experience the second time around really does make you realize you were robbed the first time around. Coping with the ensuing anger/guilt can be difficult!)


Speaking up across the blogosphere

Here’s a quick list of some moms who are speaking up across the blogosphere about their experience with Postpartum Depression:

Paige @ Walker World “It Snuck up on Me”

Melissa @ YogaMamaMe “Turn Turn Turn …or not: What I learned at 6 months”

Erin @ Go Erin Go “Bad day”

Shuggilippo “Lately I really suck at being nice.” (focus on delayed PPD)