Just Talkin’ Tuesday 09.29.09: What does self-care look like for you?

In my pre-kid days, I took good care of myself. Got my nails done, did my make-up, spent hours on my hair and paid attention to detail. These days I’m lucky if I manage to throw a shirt on without baby food stains, have make-up left over from Sunday church and really lucky if I’ve managed a shower. Point is, I could be doing more. But with three kids it is really hard to get even basics taken care of sometimes.

But I do try to make sure to take time for myself each day and breathe. It may be as small as going to a favorite website or listening to some great music. It may even be as little as a bite of chocolate or some awesome tea.

Motherhood is hard work! Through my bouts with Postpartum Depression I learned that self-care is the most important care. So while my priorities have changed from having awesome nails to making sure I’ve managed to put on stain-free clothes, I still work pretty hard at taking time for myself.

So let’s get to Just Talkin’! What does self-care look like for you? What are some of your favorite “I’m just being me and not a mom or a wife at the moment” things? Tell us!

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  1. Sue McRoberts

    For me it’s running. My running time is precious to me. It makes me feel alive and healthy. I don’t beat myself up about my mom body during my runs. It’s my thing and no one else in the family is interested in my running so I get to totally escape for a while. Another thing that is really little and seems insignificant…I try to paint my nails twice a month. Yeah, I know that sounds nuts. But it makes me feel good and put together. Today I’m going to paint my nails orange for our big cross country meet AND I’m going to run! Good day for me!

  2. Stacey

    Well I still get my nails done and toes done once a month, usually about 2 weeks apart so I get about an hour every two weeks. Also I’ve started running and taking better care of myself phsycially which is helping me a lot emotionally. So I run for about 30 minutes as of now 3 or 4 times a week. That will increase with time, I’m jsut getting started. But that is my favorite part of the day, I wake up my mom or husband takes care of my son and I just go be in my own head. I don’t have to talk to anyone or do anything for anyone I just run and rock out to my music.

  3. Wild Roaming One

    Learning about self-care during my PPD really helped me to see what’s important and so what’s not for my own sanity…and how to discern between them. A cup of tea became (and still is) my 10mins of peace…a shower, enforced quiet time…NOT the laundry, NOT the dishes (unless the chaos made me feel chaotic inside) and definitely NOT anything having to do with baby ie. magazines, articles on line etc. I had to (and still need to) completely disconnect temporarily in order to feel restored.

    Thx for the opportunity to share and reflect…it’s a good reminder!


    1. Lauren

      WRO – I know what you mean about the chaos making you feel chaotic. Sometimes I can’t rest until I’ve at least got one “background” chore going – like dishes in the dishwasher or the clothes in the washer. I too need to completely disconnect sometimes so I get that too.

      FYI, if you love tea, I just ordered 2lbs of Hot Cinnamon Spice loose tea from Harney & Sons. They’re my favorite tea company in the whole wide world. (in fact, I’m now snubbing even Celestial Seasonings & Twinings for them) Just from one tea lover to another.


  4. helen

    Pilates a half hour a day. Painting and drawing. Writing down an inspiring thought, even if it is a sentence. I carry my camera around; just carrying it reminds me to remain in the present moment. Never know what one might see! Afternoon decaf iced coffee at local haunt, with or without kids.

  5. Kimberly

    I find that taking care of you and doing something for YOURSELF is so vital when your diagnosed with PPD.
    For me, I went tanning…totally unhealthy, but laying in the warmth away from home listening to my iPod was very theraputic.
    I took long walks in the fresh air.
    Scrapbooking (although I just started doing it again)
    Curling up with a good book.
    Getting mah hair did…that always makes
    Me feel like I could conquer the world!

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