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One year anniversary Contest

I will have been blogging here for one year on May 3rd.

Wow. I’m amazed, considering that I’ve never been good at keeping a journal before. (I mean, seriously – I sucked at that. I would buy blank unlined journals if I had an inkling at trying to keep one. Having a lined and dated one just upset me.)

With that in mind, I am going to give away my copy of Sandra Poulin’s The Mother to Mother Postpartum Depression Support Book.

If you would like to have it, just post a comment to this thread, I’ll toss all the names in a hat and let Alli pick on out on Saturday afternoon. Check the blog Saturday evening for the winner. Instructions for claiming the book will be posted then.

Good luck, and thanks for supporting me this first year!



Check out my Guest Blog Post

Roaming about the internet the other evening, I found a really cool blog – Hilltown Families.

I submitted my blog for consideration under their Parenting Blogs section and much to my surprise (and delight) was asked to write an entry about PTSD & my experience with having another baby after Postpartum Depression. (ahah! Now I know why she’s been on this PTSD kick you’re saying to yourselves!)

Here’s the link to my guest entry. Check out the rest of the blog/site as well. It’s family friendly and awesome!

Daily Perinatal Mood Disorders Fact: PPND

Did you know that PMD’s aren’t just limited to women?

Yup, Dads can suffer too – it’s not a commonly know fact and there’s even more isolation for Dads who have problems.

PSI has recently added Dr. Will Courtenay to their field of volunteers – he serves as the Fathers w/Depression Coordinator. (Watch for an interview with Dr. Courtenay coming in June!)

If you know a Dad having issues with the postpartum period and is exhibiting signs of depression please Click Here for information about PPND. (Paternal Postnatal Depression)

The Little Things

This morning for breakfast, I had a muffin delivered and unwrapped by a three foot tall princess in a beautiful purple gown. That muffin was the best muffin I’ve ever eaten!

I am so blessed to be able to appreciate the little things each and every day in spite of all that is going on.

Speaking of everything that’s been going on, Chris has achieved 30 days of sobriety. Today marks day 31. He has been going to two meetings a week now and we have been doing devotionals and praying together each night. We have no secrets from each other and frankly, I’m relieved everything is out in the open which I know is one of the reasons I am doing so well with everything.

I bought Chris a cross necklace for his 30 day mark. I’m so proud of him.