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Hey Kid! That’s my pelvic bone you’re punching!

So STOP already!

UGH! For the better part of the evening Cameron has been kicking my ribs and punching my pelvic bone. And to think – when I was filling my dad in on the news about the upcoming induction, he commented (jokingly of course) “Not interested in prolonging the joys of pregnancy, huh?” To which I promptly replied – “Ummm, yeah, no, not really, considering this is my third in four years. I am SO done being pregnant!”

And with that, I bid you adieu for the evening. I am going to attempt to sleep so that even if I AM getting punched in the pelvic bone, I won’t feel it anymore.

34 week OB visit & Growth Check U/S

Well well well.

Today was interesting. I feel like the FF button has been pushed and I couldn’t be more thrilled! (ok, and nervous but more excited than anything)

Had an u/s check for growth today. Cameron is measuring at 37wks even though I’m only 34 wks. Estimated weight is 6lbs 12oz today. SO…. we discussed induction in a few weeks. I’ve got another appt on Monday for him to check my cervix and schedule the induction for the 18th. I also have a follow up scan + amnio scheduled for the 17th to double check the growth as well as lung maturity. I’ll be 37wks by then so I agreed to the amnio. Normally I’m very much against them but at 37wks, at least if I have to be rushed into delivery, I’ll be at what is typically considered full term so I’m not risking miscarriage. I definitely plan on doing research today into amnio – I haven’t looked completely into it prior to this because it’s never been an issue until now. (editing to add a link about the amniocentesis from the Mayo Clinic: I feel a lot better about the procedure now, especially with it being at 37 weeks.

And while I am not all that thrilled about induction because I KNOW pitocin will probably have to be involved, I’d rather have an induction than a c-sec. PLUS the u/s showed the Cameron IS indeed head down, although his feet are to the left of my belly button. I bet he’s got some sort of a crick in his neck! LOL

The other positive is that my last PACE meeting of the year is Dec 11th so this will all happen after the last meeting and well before the first meeting of the year – giving me time to recover and get somewhat of a grasp on the new family dynamic prior to resuming my PACE duties. (God’s hand, you think?)

Got a lot of emailing and research to do now – and definitely need to get that postpartum action plan finished well, tomorrow!

Oh, and as a note to the pelvic pain, got a back massage from Chris last night and wouldn’t you know it – I popped back into alignment last night! WOOHOOO!

Pelvic Pain is well, annoying

I’m out of alignment. Big Time. Again. Right now I am sitting indian style on the couch while the girls play in the floor and watch Little Bear. It’s too warm in here to use the heating pad – I KNOW I would start sweating and once I start that when pregnant, I just don’t stop. I suppose I could open the window but it’s a mere 46 outside and I don’t want to freeze the girls out. I did have a couple of pops last night while sleeping but they weren’t deep and didn’t do much good. I even did pelvic exercises Saturday evening. If I’m still sore this evening after dinner, I will probably take a warm bath. Why wait until this evening? Because – once I get in the tub, I am going to need some help out and i seriously doubt that Alli & Charlotte will be able to provide the support I need.

I am already dreading my OB appt in the morning – not so much the checking on the baby part but the having to lie down on the exam table part. It’s going to be sheer torture because of my current misalignment. I’m seriously considering taking a pillow with me to put under my lower back to help alleviate any pain and provide extra support. I’m  hoping Alli will be able to go so that we can all go but with her recent fever and the fact she woke up with one this morning, I am highly doubting she’ll be going tomorrow. I know chris will be disappointed that he won’t get to see Cameron again but I’d rather be safe than sorry and take a sick child to an OB office.

Another reason i’m nervous about tomorrow is finding out just what position in which Cameron is currently resting. I don’t think it’s head down – I will be very shocked if he is in that position. He’s lower than he was just a few days ago and I think that may be what’s aggrevating my pelvic issues. This morning I had some strange pain pretty low – probably just him moving about, etc. The pain has subsided now that I am resting instead of doing dishes, laundry, and making breakfast for the girls. I really don’t want to have a c-section as I have had two prior vaginal deliveries but if it’s necessary, at least it’s available, right? I’m trying to prepare myself for that possibility because I really think it might end up happening. In fact, if he’s not head down tomorrow, I may just talk to my OB about that possibility. I’m sure he’ll want to discuss it anyway if baby’s not head down yet.

Today my plan is to create my birth plan and print out the postpartum action plan for Chris and I to go over. I’ll share both here once they’re complete.

Gotta run, time to turn on some Christmas music for the girls.

Busy day today!

Alli and I went to Target this morning to pick out a new Sunday School outfit. She helped me push the cart most of the time we were there, tiring out just as we were preparing to leave. So I picked her up and put her in the seat (OUCH) until we got to the car. She is feeling much better, only had to have tylenol and ibuprofen once each today. And we haven’t taken her temp since Friday evening because she just hasn’t been warm enough to warrant the battle. As it is, we’ve had to come up with creative ways to get her to take her medicine.

After we got home, we had lunch, she went down for nap, and I went back to the store for groceries. My pelvis is KILLING me and I am hoping staying home tomorrow will prove to be a good thing.

Gotta run, time to watch TV with Chris!

Plans Change

Alli has had an off again on again fever since last Sunday. It had been most off until yesterday at 3p when it shot up to 103. I immediately gave her ibuprofen and a cool bath and it went back down. When Chris checked on her at midnight, it was back up to 104. Again he administered ibuprofen (along with water) and checked about an hour later and it was back down.

I checked on her this morning and the fever was 102 and accompanied by the chills. I gave her some more medicine and some juice to drink as well. Then she asked me to snuggle with her in bed to keep her company, which I did. She almost fell back asleep and then noticed it was bright outside and wanted to get up. I talked with her about how because she was sick, she and I would be staying home and not going to Nana and Papa’s for Thanksgiving today. Alli was sad but understood.

We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade while Chris & Charlotte went over to Nana & Papa’s. While I was disappointed to miss out on a traditional Thanksgiving, it was rather nice not to have to worry about going anywhere on Thanksgiving. And Alli and I did enjoy the time alone here at the house. Chris and Charlotte have not yet returned but will be bringing plates for both Alli & I so we’ll at least get to eat like it’s Thanksgiving. I’m also going to be cooking a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday evening – just a small one for the four of us. Kind of a tradition left from Chris’ days as a restaurant manager when we would do Thanksgiving whenever he had a day off around the holiday because he ALWAYS had to work. I rather like having a private Turkey day dinner NOT on the holiday. Makes me feel like I’m bucking a commercial trend. :-)

So I wasn’t planning on posting today but here I am.

A big Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who visits. May today be kind to you AND to your tummies!