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Sweet relief…

I had my first PT pool appointment this morning and it was absolute heaven. The water is heated, nice and warm. I could have stayed in that pool ALL day! (I even tried to talk my PT into letting me, no luck though!)

I did several exercises and got to just hang out in the deep end for a bit. The weightlessness was wonderful. I kept floating up and then back down. had to hang on to the bar on the side so I wouldn’t float away but just having the time in the pool to be “weightless” was wonderfully soothing. I’m starting to get a bit sore now and will probably crash in one of the recliners with the heating pad here pretty shortly.

After PT, getting changed was extremely difficult to do. The readjustment to land proved difficult and I am still having some issues with balance but I think that will go away shortly. Naptime will be a definite today. I have some emails to respond to but I think once I get those done, i will be crashing with that heating pad – and possibly the icy tube from the freezer for my shoulders.

Quick note though – I was out of alignment ALL day yesterday. I didn’t “pop” back in until early this morning while sleeping. Went to change positions and POP. Sweet relief then and boy am I glad it happened BEFORE PT otherwise I would have really had a hard time this morning. My left side seems to be more affected than my right side – it hurts more when I was exercising this morning. Hopefully PT will work quickly just as it did during my pregnancy with Charlotte. Then again… I did LOVE that pool! 😉

Tears of Pain…

Oh how I wish I had started PT this morning…

My pelvis is so sadly misaligned that I can’t walk without pressing my upper thighs together for support. I have broken into tears three times already this morning, each time Alli has hugged me and told me not to cry because I have family. AWWWW…..

I took some tylenol but it’s not helping. I know at some point it will pop back into place, but in the meantime, I am sore sore sore… and out of alignment all the way up to my neck as well. *sighs*

I am SO looking forward to PT tomorrow for this – it’s becoming dehibilitating! And unfortunately I am not feeling like it’s something that my husband completely understands either. I can’t pick up the girl’s toy basket or move things around – I had to move the coffee table this morning – that was my first outburst into tears. My second was sitting down. Sad when the simple act of sitting makes you cry. Third outburst was because Alli wanted to sit in my lap and hug me – I moved wrong – OUCH. She was so sweet though – hugged me anyways and kept saying, don’t you cry.. it’s ok! I just don’t know what i’d do without her. she’s got the biggest heart and just cares SO much… have no idea where she gets that from! 😉

Gotta run, I’m gonna try and go sit in one of the recliners and see if that helps some. Prayers would certainly be appreciated….

Alrighty— this is the biggest news until delivery!

We had our ultra-sound this past Thursday.

And I am only just posting about it now because well, my computer got fried by a virus, stuck in a reset loop, I forgot my password to wordpress, and am just now able to blog again. Believe me, I’ve been antsy to tell you!

 First, there appeared to be no structural abnormalities – the nose, lips, and chin all appeared to line up, no cleft lip, unfortunately cleft palate is a bit harder to detect but everything looked good.


IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! Our two little princesses will now have a baby brother! The gender combined with lack of cleft lip is encouraging for us as well because an isolated cleft palate is much rarer in boys – apparently it is more common in girls. I would post a pic of the u/s, but again, the whole computer thing (my husband’s got sick too) is delaying that.. sorry!

All in all, we’re thrilled. we would have been thrilled either way but we’re so excited to be having a boy! As alli would so eloquently put it: Yip-HOO!

Playing in the rain…

is oh so much fun with a three year old! And even more fun when it hasn’t rained in almost a month without thundering. August has been absolutely sweltering here in GA – in fact, the high today was 90 and both my husband and I were grateful for the COOL weather.. LOL. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be saying that about 90!

This afternoon it started to rain without the accompanying thunder and lightning. So we went outside to play in the wet stuff. Or rather, to “splash in the puddles.” Chris came out with Charlotte and right as I was going to carry her into the yard for some fun too it thundered, chasing all of us inside. Alli and I were drenched – well, I was drenched all the way to about halfway down my stomach.. gotta love pregnancy!

I wish we could have stayed out longer because the rain really was quite cleansing and felt so refreshingly cool! Darn thunder!

Postpartum nitty gritty stuff

Friday was an absolutely insane day.

I attended a postpartum workshop here and had to do a lot of running around so that I could go. My mother in law graciously took half a day to watch the girls so I could attend.

I overslept – had to rush to therapy. Then I had to cash a check to pay for the workshop. Got home,  I had to drive Chris to work – then the girls and I went to the IL’s house. It was there I realized that I didn’t have the key to their house on my keychain. Back to Chris’ job. (a 10-15 minute drive – not long, I know, but when you have kids….) Picked up the keys. Back to the IL’s house. Wait for MIL.. she finally arrives. I had Charlotte down – or attempted down. She was still crying but was getting quieter. Alli decided to throw a huge fit as I was leaving, making me just cringe.

I had to rush home, change, grab my PP work stuff, and then rush to the workshop. I got there pretty close to when it was supposed to start. And guess what.. couldn’t find a parking spot in front of the building. So I end up parking quite a distance away and had to hike down to the building. Five months pregnant. In heels. In nearly 100 degree heat. I was not happy. At least it was downhill, right?

Finally got there, registered, and grabbed a water and a granola bar. First thing I had eaten all day – bad pregnant mama, I know, but busy days get away from me. Once I got there and sat down, I started flipping through the presentation and discovered that PACE, my local peer support group, had it’s very own slide within the presentation! I got to personally plug the group and the presenter made a point of greeting me to let me know he was glad I was able to attend. What an awesome feeling – to have my work recognized by a local professional at a workshop! I certainly don’t do it for recognition, I’m in it to truly help other women but I have to admit, there was definitely a huge rush to knowing that the group I’ve started is being recognized.

FF to the end of the workshop – one of the attendees saw me hiking back up the hill and offered to give me a ride – THANK GOD for that!

After I made it to my car, I drove to the IL’s. Alli and Charlotte were playing up a storm and then lo and behold, one heck of a storm started to brew outside. We got stuck there for about an hour and Alli had a huge diarrhea issue. It was pretty bad. Luckily it didn’t go all over the place, but still.. EWWW. We didn’t leave there until nearly 6p. On the way back to the house, Alli fell asleep in the car. I called Chris to see if he could get off work early – no luck. I didn’t want to take her home, wake her up, only to have to get her back into the car 30 minutes later to go pick up daddy. So I drove around for about an hour. Total mileage once we got home was nearly 100mi from start to finish, not including therapy. (that would have made it nearly 120mi) For someone who is certainly not used to driving that much, I was WORN the heck out.

Once home, Charlotte went to bed, alli had cheese & crackers with milk, went to bed, and I can’t even remember what we did for dinner. I just remember my feet friggin hurt and I wanted to go to sleep.

I did get a great VM that afternoon though – I was approved for PT for my pelvic misalignment and my first appointment is Wednesday morning. I’m starting out in the pool because frankly, I am in so much pain I think land exercise at this point would just plain hurt. I certainly want to do land exercise so I’ll have some tools to use at home when I get out of whack. Pregnancy and I certainly have a love hate relationship. I LOVE being a mom – Pregnancy and I just do NOT get along. At all.