Advertising Policy

Content at My Postpartum Voice is not influenced by participation in any affiliate or advertising programs.

Lauren Hale is a member of Amazon affiliates but does not actively participate in promoting books for this program. On occasion a link to a book purchase at Amazon may be via the affiliate link but the content of My Postpartum Voice has not  been influenced via participation in this program. No profits have been made as a result of participation in the Amazon Affiliate program.

Advertising from pharmaceutical companies, medical products, and/or any other groups that may potentially influence the content here at My Postpartum Voice is not accepted in any form.

Furthermore, any mention of a product, program or medication is not an explicit endorsement of said product, program or medication. All readers are encouraged to make informed decisions along with their caregivers.

Any blog affiliate links are for blog promotional usage only and are not meant to function as advertising or sources of funding.

The request for donations on the front page are solely to support the blogger and no donations influence the content of the blog.

Furthermore, My Postpartum Voice is prohibited through WordPress from having explicit banner advertisements on the website.

Last edited March 2, 2011