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Whatever Wednesday: On Surviving a Coldathon

Day One: The wind whips around the trees outside. Toss on a sweater before taking the dogs out for their morning potty break. No hat. No gloves. Enjoy the zip of the cold against my nose. Breathe deeply, filling my lungs with cool air, remember 107 degree days not too long ago. Ever so grateful for the string of 40 degree days we have been experiencing.

Night One: Wind seems to have picked up some. A few aluminum cans from the recycling bin get tossed into the yard. I pick them up and put them back. Fingers tingly and cold after taking dogs out. Still wearing just a sweater over a t-shirt and jersey knit pants. Slippers on my feet. The brisk cold is oh so invigorating. Can’t wait to get back inside to a hot cup of tea to warm up my hands. I begin to wonder if snow will soon follow. Christmas isn’t far away and a White Christmas would just rock.

Day Two: Fail to look at thermometer because the dogs are insistently yipping at the door. Grab a sweater to toss on over my PJ’s. Go outside.

Half the cans from the recycling bin have been tossed into the yard by the cruel wind. And…..

Oh.DEAR.GOD. Ears nearly freeze off. Toes? Gone. I’ve no idea how – I had slippers on. Nose in danger of turning black. No chap-stick so my lips froze together (for this, the husband is happy.) Look at thermometer. 28 degrees. Real feel? 16. With a stiff wind. Inside the house is brrrr. Hands and feet fail to warm up for bulk of day.

Night Two: Dogs yip at door again. Grab huge oversized windbreaker with thermal insert. Zip all the way up, put on hood, OVER sweater turtleneck and scarf. Still no gloves. Nearly lose my fingers to frostbite. Trip over even more cans tossed into the yard by wind, almost breaking leg in process. Nearly bite off lower lip as teeth chatter constantly the whole time I am outside. Still no snow to show for all this brrrrrrness.

Day Three: Sunny, not breezy much, blue sky. Looks warm. Grab sweater. Step outsi.. holy mother of … scramble back inside for huge jacket, socks, and actual shoes. Slippers just won’t keep what used to be my toes warm enough. Glance at thermometer. 23!!!!! Shouldn’t it be snowing? Why is it not snowing? Why does it look warm outside? Damn you Mother Nature!!!!

Pick up 374 cans to return to the recycle bin as I hang with the dogs as they do their thing, taking their time of course because THEY have built-in fur coats.

Return indoors, even the dogs are shivering. Put their sweaters and jackets on them. They don’t protest and keep them on all day as they search out blankets under which to snuggle.

Shudder and shiver all day long, even under a fuzzy blanket whilst drinking Peppermint mocha.


Night Three: Finish putting kids to bed after an insane afternoon. Dogs decide they need to go outside right after I curl up on the couch with my fuzzy blanket. Grab big jacket. Dart outside. Come back inside. Clean up kids toys. Dog #2 decides peeing isn’t the only thing she needs to get done. Grab big jacket. Put it back on. Do jumping jacks as the dog poops in the front yard. Dart back inside. Sit down on couch, curl up with fuzzy blanket and attempt to thaw while watching a fireplace. On TV cuz we’re fancy like that here. I ignore the icicles hanging from my eyelashes and nose.

Shoveling snow would at the very least provide an outlet for my frustration.

Mother Nature is a cruel mistress – instead she’s given me cold. But STILL no snow on which to exert my frustrations.

*Please note that I live in Georgia. Where it was 100 degrees or higher most days this past summer and up until recently has been 60 – 70 degrees outside. Yes, I’m spoiled. If I survive the winter without turning into a huge popsicle, it will be a miracle, one for the Guiness Book. I’m sure of it.

Whatever Wednesday: A Voting Apology

Just yesterday here in Georgia, there was a Primary Election. All sorts of offices are up for grabs.

Governor, a Senate seat, Insurance Commissioner, Lieutenant Governor, and a myriad of other state level and local offices.

I did not vote.

Bad me.

If you think I am proud of this, please, you are judging me way to quickly. I am not bragging here.

I did not vote because I was not educated enough about the field of candidates and their stance on the issues. I believe an uniformed voter is more dangerous than a non-voter.

Voting is sacred. It one of the most important responsibilities of an American citizen. We owe it to each other to be educated, informed, and to exhibit these qualities at the poll when we cast our vote. I did not do my homework. I did not show up at the test. I flunked. I apologize from the depths of my very American soul. Seriously.

I promise to brush up on my candidates to make an informed decision the next time around. I would urge you to do the same as well.

Because if Bubbles the Chimp ends up in office, I’m so looking at you.

Proper Homage to a Tragedy?

Just a warning that the following may be a bit rough for those of you who are still in the throes of PPD.

On July 25, 1946, in Monroe, GA, a tragedy occured. Two couples were ripped from their vehicles by a group of unmasked white men, attacked, killed, and lynched. This incident is known as the Moore’s Ford lynching and apparently for the past three years in Walton County, GA, at the location of this horrific event, there has been a staged re-enactment which is sponsored by the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials. One of the women was seven months pregnant when she was brutally murdered and this year they gave her unborn baby a name – Justice.

The re-enactment is a “call for justice” for the case as it is still unsolved despite intense investigation and discovery of a potential lead just this past year. The publicity surrounding this event has caused additional leads to crop up and I sincerely hope they catch the guilty parties.

However, I do not agree at all with how they are commemorating the event. Is it necessary to recreate such a horrid crime? Why not do this with all crimes? Where would it stop? I understand the need to remember and to pay homage to the tragedy but is this the proper manner in which to do so? As I read this story in my local paper last night, I could only shake and hold back with mighty strength my anger and utter disbelief that this had occurred not so far away from where I now live. It certainly struck a chord and continues to do so. My heart goes out to their families and perhaps this is a way for them to seek closure – who am I to judge in what manner they choose to do so? And judging I am not doing – I am merely voicing my opinion that this is a very unusual manner in which to pay homage to the demise of these two couples. Let them rest in peace. Release the information, hold a poetry reading or a choral concert – don’t re-enact the crime. Attract the bees with the honey!