Proper Homage to a Tragedy?

Just a warning that the following may be a bit rough for those of you who are still in the throes of PPD.

On July 25, 1946, in Monroe, GA, a tragedy occured. Two couples were ripped from their vehicles by a group of unmasked white men, attacked, killed, and lynched. This incident is known as the Moore’s Ford lynching and apparently for the past three years in Walton County, GA, at the location of this horrific event, there has been a staged re-enactment which is sponsored by the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials. One of the women was seven months pregnant when she was brutally murdered and this year they gave her unborn baby a name – Justice.

The re-enactment is a “call for justice” for the case as it is still unsolved despite intense investigation and discovery of a potential lead just this past year. The publicity surrounding this event has caused additional leads to crop up and I sincerely hope they catch the guilty parties.

However, I do not agree at all with how they are commemorating the event. Is it necessary to recreate such a horrid crime? Why not do this with all crimes? Where would it stop? I understand the need to remember and to pay homage to the tragedy but is this the proper manner in which to do so? As I read this story in my local paper last night, I could only shake and hold back with mighty strength my anger and utter disbelief that this had occurred not so far away from where I now live. It certainly struck a chord and continues to do so. My heart goes out to their families and perhaps this is a way for them to seek closure – who am I to judge in what manner they choose to do so? And judging I am not doing – I am merely voicing my opinion that this is a very unusual manner in which to pay homage to the demise of these two couples. Let them rest in peace. Release the information, hold a poetry reading or a choral concert – don’t re-enact the crime. Attract the bees with the honey!

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