PANDA Perinatal Depression Video

I just watched the most amazing trailer for a Perinatal Depression Video, entitled “Behind the Mask: The Hidden Struggle of Parenthood.”

It’s done brilliantly, respectfully, and you HAVE to watch it. And then you have to share it with every single person you know.

This DVD is part of an initiative to get people talking about Perinatal depression in Australia. According to their profile at YouTube, PANDA is a national, not for profit organisation whose helpline provides confidential information, support and referal to anyone affected by depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after childbirth, including partners, family members and friends.

Thank you, PANDA. Thank you.

Go here to watch the video. Now. Why are you still here?

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  2. Elizabeth

    I was hoping to like this video but REALLY did not like it at all. It felt very sugar coated and did not feel like a video that people would watch that had not been through the experience and really gain a true understanding of the depths of despair a woman can go through. I also did not feel it did a good job of explaining how men can even go through post partum depression even, for example BEFORE their partner, due to the changes they themselves experience. It mentions anxiety but does not really explain how that can play out so dramatically. I suffered from PPD OCD and that horrifying illness was not even touched upon and is even more misunderstood if possible than PPD and my husband was defnitely under serious strain/suffering depression even before me, not just becuase he was dealing with my issues. Personally it seemed like the type of video that in spite of what it was trying to say would mostly just make people feel that post partum issues were about being sad and not much else.

    1. Elizabeth

      Sorry if I sounded harsh. I love this blog (the triggers blog you pointed us to today was great!)and I look forward to reading it every day. FYI- my husband’s depression and stress right after the baby was born was one of MY TRIGGERS for the PPD OCD that came on like a ton of bricks shortly after. Problems dealing with your partner after a baby is born can be a trigger as well. I found myself tryiing toconstantly protect my baby from his constant impatience and so tried to do everything for the baby and NEVER slept!

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