Playing in the rain…

is oh so much fun with a three year old! And even more fun when it hasn’t rained in almost a month without thundering. August has been absolutely sweltering here in GA – in fact, the high today was 90 and both my husband and I were grateful for the COOL weather.. LOL. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be saying that about 90!

This afternoon it started to rain without the accompanying thunder and lightning. So we went outside to play in the wet stuff. Or rather, to “splash in the puddles.” Chris came out with Charlotte and right as I was going to carry her into the yard for some fun too it thundered, chasing all of us inside. Alli and I were drenched – well, I was drenched all the way to about halfway down my stomach.. gotta love pregnancy!

I wish we could have stayed out longer because the rain really was quite cleansing and felt so refreshingly cool! Darn thunder!

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