Alrighty— this is the biggest news until delivery!

We had our ultra-sound this past Thursday.

And I am only just posting about it now because well, my computer got fried by a virus, stuck in a reset loop, I forgot my password to wordpress, and am just now able to blog again. Believe me, I’ve been antsy to tell you!

 First, there appeared to be no structural abnormalities Рthe nose, lips, and chin all appeared to line up, no cleft lip, unfortunately cleft palate is a bit harder to detect but everything looked good.


IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! Our two little princesses will now have a baby brother! The gender combined with lack of cleft lip is encouraging for us as well because an isolated cleft palate is much rarer in boys – apparently it is more common in girls. I would post a pic of the u/s, but again, the whole computer thing (my husband’s got sick too) is delaying that.. sorry!

All in all, we’re thrilled. we would have been thrilled either way but we’re so excited to be having a boy! As alli would so eloquently put it: Yip-HOO!

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