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Whatever Wednesday: Top 10 things mostly no one knows (er, knew) about me

In the interest of all these Top 10 or Top 5 lists making the rounds this week, I thought I would toss my blog in the ring. But not with the usual Best of post. No, these are things which I rarely share with anyone. Above all else, I’m a mom and a woman just like you.

So here goes. No matter how awkward they may be to admit. Swallowing some major pride here people. Major.


The Top 10 things mostly no one online knows (er, knew) about me:

10) I grew up listening to nothing but Christian music. That’s right. Leon Patillo, Sheila Walsh, Margaret Becker, Steve Taylor, Randy Stonehill, 2nd Chapter of Acts, David & The Giants, Whiteheart, Stryper, Petra, Amy Grant, Leslie (now Sam) Phillips, and eventually DC Talk were my world. I totally rocked out to them too. And I still love their music.

9) As a child, wThenatching Mtv at my grandparent’s house was the biggest sin I could commit. I would sneak away and turn on a TV, praying to catch Madonna’s Like a Virgin video. I would sit there and drool in amazement. She could MOVE. See #10 for motive.

8) I cannot, repeat, cannot read Harlequin or any other kind of fluff romance crap books. The egregiously horrific grammar, plot, and spelling errors piss me off to no end.

7) Lady Gaga cures my writer’s block. Am I happy about this? Not particularly. But her music is my crack. I find myself going back every time I’m stuck. Like @JessAriasCooper said, she’s Ipecac for the Soul. Yes, that has got to be why she cures my writer’s block. (I don’t own her music. I just pull it up on Groove Shark every time I’m stuck. Cuz really. Who pays for that.. oh wait.. millions.) I draw the line at Bieber though. Never. Nope. Never. EVER. Did I mention NO Bieber? Just so we’re clear…

6) I love Anime. No, not the crap on American TV. I mean the stuff in Japanese. For grownups. And no, not Hentai. Sheesh. The good stuff. I belonged to an Anime club in college. We’d get together on Wednesday nights, order Pizza, put on Anime, and practice sarcasm for two to three hours. It was awesome. I miss that crew.

5) I have never read Moby Dick or completed any Charles Dickens novel. I hold a B.A. in English Literature. You may flog me now.

4) I hated peanut butter and chocolate until my second pregnancy. My husband has loved peanut butter and chocolate his whole life. He was NOT pleased with this development.

3) I am from Neptune. Seriously. I am. Explains a lot, doesn’t it? Okay, that’s Neptune, New Jersey. Born there. And you bet your ass that was fun to tell drunk frat boys back in the day.

2) I once got a radio DJ to play Ain’t Nuthin but a G Thang three times in a row. On air. I was hooked. Again – see #10 for motive.

1) I have an unnatural anxiety inducing fear of bridges. The proper term is: Gephyrophobia. When we were younger and still living in Jersey, we would be in the midst of climbing a high bridge and my dad would predictably blurt out he had heard the other side of the bridge had been destroyed. Oh, and he would drive over close to the edge too. Don’t even get me started about the time we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. Just don’t. Ahhh. Parents. Kids. Scaring the crap out of them is fun until it gives them a life long phobia. It’s become a family joke though so no hard feelings, here, Dad. But I will need a Xanax or two or three or more if I  ever have to drive over the Verrazano by myself.

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