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A simple wish for @yaelsaar

Every so often, you meet someone. Not necessarily in person in this day and age, but still. You meet them. You get to know them. They’re full of passion, fun, love, compassion, drive, intelligence, wit, and everything else which makes other people awesome. Pretty soon they’re a part of your life. How or why you met fades into the background. Their presence is something for which you are grateful on a daily basis. If you’re lucky, you also get to see this person make a lasting difference in the lives of others because they’re also not afraid to dive into the deep end when others are struggling regardless of what’s going on with them in their own personal lives. Yet, even though they do this, they also keep themselves in the forefront, somehow miraculously balancing self-care with care for others.

A person like this is someone you NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED.

I met someone exactly like this about a year ago, I think. (Remember, I said how or why you met fades into the background? That applies here.)

Her name is Yael. And she is quite possibly one of the most amazing and beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure to meet. We’ve not met in person but I know one day we will and it will be awesome.

You see, Yael has this heart. This heart which carries her through every day and never quits. This heart which truly loves everyone in her life more than she could ever possibly tell you. And she lets her love spill out of her into you without hesitation. Through her website. Through her calls. Through her tweets. Through HER. Yael is an angel on Earth sent to bless the rest of us with light and love. There really are no words to explain properly the magnitude of her effect on the mothers she helps. On those to whom she reaches out on a daily basis.

Yael, I hope today, your 40th birthday, is filled with as much joy, light, and love as you bring to those of us who are fortunate to call you friend. You deserve nothing less, my dear dear friend.

PPD Blogging Party tomorrow night

Through #PPDChat, I have met a wonderful new mama, Yael Saar. You can find her at PPD to Joy.

Tomorrow night marks the first of what we hope will become a series of calls for blogging mamas with Postpartum Depression.

Bring any questions you may have with you. In fact, go ahead and post them over at Yael’s place so we can better answer them during tomorrow night’s call. The call will be at 830p ET. Instructions for signing up are also at PPD to Joy here.

I am so very excited about this call! I hope you can join us. If not, still go ahead and sign up as we’re recording the call and it will be available to listen for those who are unable to make it or get called away by motherhood in the middle of the call. You can sign up as late as 700 pm ET tomorrow night!

Hope to talk with you tomorrow!