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Just Talkin’ Tuesday 09.15.09: What lessons did you learn?

just talkin tuesday chalkboardWhen I was struggling in the trenches I learned some very hard lessons. I’d like to share five of them with you.

Lesson #1: Taking care of myself was not selfish; it was necessary

If I missed out on sleep, skimped on my diet, forgot my supplements or didn’t allow for “me” time, I wasn’t the only one to pay the price. The WHOLE family paid the price. And that’s just not fair. The better care you take of YOURSELF, the better care you are able to take of those around you and the better care they take of themselves thereby enabling those around them to improve as well – you see how this goes and goes on?

Lesson #2: You can’t take people’s reactions to your life personally. They’ve got their own baggage too. Don’t claim theirs – worry about yours to the best of your ability.

THIS one was hard. I still struggle with it on a daily basis. Oh, I’ve drastically improved but I still have to sit on my hands from time to time. It’s that or sew my mouth shut. Sitting on my hands keeps me from typing something I’ll regret AND from getting my sewing kit.

Lesson #3: God has a plan for me and I am grateful for all the hardwork He is pouring into me.

James 1:2-4 sums it up best: “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have it’s perfect work that you may be perfect and lacking in nothing.

Lesson #4: Helping others is a powerful source of healing yourself.

I cannot even begin to express how much of my own healing has come from giving to others as they face the same beast I have beaten. It is a harrowing path indeed and I have leaned on those I have helped as they have leaned on me. What is humanity if we cannot help each other through our struggles?

Lesson #5: Riches cannot be counted in monetary value. Riches come in baby food stains, innocent laughter of an infant, the purposeful cuddle of a toddler and the smile of triumph as you kick back your feet richer at the end of the day than at the beginning with even more riches on the way.

(In other words, don’t lose sight of the truly important thing in life – FAMILY)

There are five lessons I’ve learned on the journey so far.

What lessons have you learned?

Let’s get to Just Talkin’, ladies (and gents)!