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Whatever Wednesday: My Jacks hit the Road and only Bauer’s coming back

Along with most of America, I bid adieu to Dr. Jack Shepherd this past Sunday night.

And then on Monday night, I said goodbye to Jack Baeur.

Both Jacks were unbelievably stubborn, amazing leaders, and seemed to have a decent moral compass. We loved our Jacks. But sooner or later, they had to go.

At least I’ve got the promise of Jack Baeur coming back in a movie. Maybe.

But there’s no hope for Jack Shepherd. I won’t be seeing him again. Matthew Fox played him well for six years. Certainly a role he was born to fill.

Same for Kiefer Sutherland. He and Jack Bauer were like brothers. Sutherland always seemed at ease as Jack.

I do have a few questions though –

Why did we never see Jack Bauer pee? Or eat? Or well, do anything even resembling something normal like gulping down a slurpee from the neighborhood 7-11? Oh, that’s right – he couldn’t drink because you guys never gave him time to PEE.

And Jack Shepherd – did he really have a son or was that his imagination? What in the tarnation was going on there?

All those flash forwards before they ended up in the church – was that when they were alive or were they – what the hell? The Lost finale really didn’t answer any questions. And now I’m missing 6 years of my life. Maybe it’s on the island and I should go get it… maybe…

Who the hell decided to have Jack Bauer promise to do things he couldn’t do? Hubs and I would laugh whenever Bauer made a promise after the first season because it meant that person wasn’t getting what they were promised. A promise from Bauer might as well have been a nail in the coffin after the first season.

And Chloe. Can we talk about her? I HATED CHLOE. There. I said it. She annoyed me. So did her husband, Myles. The Myles from Lost was cool. The Myles from 24, not so much.

What’s up with the same names for the characters on this show? Were you guys sharing writers? If so, you should have made Jack Shepherd promise people shi…oh wait. He did, didn’t he. Hrmmmm.

Now that the good folks from Oceanic 815 aren’t using that deserted Island, can we at least strand the Pres of BP oil there for a bit? Just a few days? Please?

So maybe the real question is – Did the Lost finale suck because they swapped writers with 24?

Or was it just that we, the American public, are not ready for the kind of wisdom shoved at us this past week.

Either way, I just know that I’ve got two Jack sized holes in my heart. And I am sad.