#PPDChat 07.28.14: Talking to Your Children About Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders


One of the most often repeated phrases I’ve heard from friends who struggle with postpartum mood disorders is, “Why didn’t anybody tell me?”  It’s a question I’ve asked myself too.  And it begs the question, did anybody else in my family face this?

As we raise awareness of the important topic of postpartum depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, it’s critical that we educate future generations, which includes our own children.  Though many of us still have very young children who may not understand our struggles currently, there may come a time where we feel we need to be honest with them about what we as their mothers (and fathers) experienced during the weeks and months after delivery.  It’s important for our own story, but it’s also important in order to prepare our children for what they, their spouses, or other family and friends may potentially face.

Talking to our children about such an emotional and difficult topic is never easy.  But someday I want my children to know that their mother faced a real and hard battle–and won.  And that they were a huge part of the reason that I fought to get better.  I hope my own children never have to face this battle, but if they do, or know someone who does, I want them to have every measure of support available, and part of that support is us, as their parents.

Please join me, @DonutsMama, on Twitter tonight for #PPDChat as we discuss how to talk with our children about postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.  Hope to see you there at 8:30 EST.


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