Upcoming #PPDChat Guest: Jennifer Moyer – On Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis

Jennifer Moyer Guest Announcement

On Monday, October 28, 2013, I’m thrilled to announce that the #PPDChat community will have the opportunity to chat with Jennifer Moyer, an amazing advocate located in Florida. According to Jennifer’s bio at her website, she “has experience as a postpartum support and education consultant, a certified postpartum doula and a speaker on mental health issues.”

The stigma surrounding a Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder is rough enough – particularly because of the damage done when mainstream media confuses Postpartum Depression with Postpartum Psychosis which is a medical emergency. Even then, the damage also affects those who struggle with Postpartum Psychosis. While the risk is higher for both suicide and infanticide with a case of Postpartum Psychosis, not all mothers who experience Postpartum Psychosis commit the heinous crimes which pop up in the news all too often these days.

I know this can be a touchy subject for some but I hope you will join us as Jennifer shares her story and her journey toward recovery and advocacy with us at #PPDChat on Monday evening at 830pm ET. We will chat at 1pm ET about the myths and facts about Postpartum Psychosis as we lead in to Jennifer’s chat Monday evening.

No mother should ever be ashamed of or afraid to share her story. Let’s break down those walls together!

Jennifer MoyerJennifer’s mission is to bring hope and inspiration to individuals and families facing mental health challenges.  She is a mental health advocate.  She overcame postpartum psychosis.  She is a writer and speaker on mental health issues striving to increase the awareness, education, prevention and treatment of postpartum psychosis and other mental health issues related to childbearing as well as mental health, in general. Visit her website here.

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  1. Marie

    The stigma is great for all PMADs, but nothing matches the stigma and associations of PPP. Nothing in mental health that I’ve ever encountered. I see it every time I am part of a conversation about PPD…even those in our community judge, unfortunately. It is why I was silent for 14 years, and even now when I speak, I do so under a pseudonym. Jennifer is a rare, strong woman and an incredibly important person in the PMAD and mental health community. Thank you for having her on #ppdchat.

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