#PPDChat Topic: 07.15.13: Partners & PPD – What They Should Know



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  1. Darlene A. Gray

    Partners should know first that what is happening is not their fault directly, but that indirectly their reactions to or impatience with the situation can and do have negative influences on the mother’s ability to sort out and regroup, and seek outside professional help. This is where education of all possible scenarios are good to include in child-birth preparation and classes; to bring awareness of symptomatologies for both to observe, monitor and if necessary, seek the medical intervention necessary for a positive outcome.

  2. phaerygurl

    Be aware of postpartum depression, know the warning signs, and know that it is not their fault or the mother’s fault. One of the worst things is for the partners to make the mothers feel guilty for feeling this way, as it only exacerbates the situation. Education, compassion, and patience are needed every step of the way.

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