On Caring for Your Emotions After a Tragic Event

Over the past few years, I’ve grown to be close friends with Erika Krull. She’s an amazing woman and we have a total blast during football season. (Well, except this past year when our teams who RARELY play each other actually played each other. That was painful. But I’ve digressed.)

Erika writes over at Psych Central and is a practicing mental health counselor. We occasionally chat about mental health issues. This week has been no different and I was glad when she asked me, after I posted something on Facebook, for permission to share it with her readers at Psych Central.

I shared tips on how to take care of yourself after a tragic event, specifically in response to the events in Boston on Monday. Turns out they really apply to this entire week because it’s been a doozy.

To read Erika’s article and get some really helpful tips on how to care for your emotions after a tragedy, go here.

Thank you, Erika, for a wonderful piece, and for turning my struggles with Sandy into something meaningful. I sincerely hope it helps someone.

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  1. Jessica

    Thanks for sharing the article. It is really so important to filter the amount of negative information we receive these days. I was glued to the TV like so many during the events unfolding in Boston, but in general I’ve stopped watching the nightly news. On the news you are bombarded with negativity and can’t easily avoid it. I find that if I get my information online I can at least decide only to click on something of interest, which allows one to regulate the amount of negativity and sadness a bit.

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